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William Lewis, MD

Cardiovascular Biology
HIV Pathogenesis
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Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

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Professor (tenured), Pathology, Director, Cardiovascular Pathology, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta GA

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Anatomic Pathology
Experimental Pathology
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B.S.   University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (Zoology), 1968 - 1971
M.D.   Boston University School of Medicine (M.D.), 1971 - 1975

Research Interests:

- Mitochondrial DNA replication in disease: AIDS, congestive heart failure, hepatitis, renal failure One classic biological teaching is that mitochondria are the "powerhouses of the cell", particularly in tissues that require significant energy, like heart, liver and muscle. The focus of the Lewis lab is the diverse effects of toxins on mitochondria structure and function. The primary focus is the untoward mitochondrial effects of a class of drugs called nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTI) used to treat HIV infection, that are known to inhibit mitochondrial (mt-) DNA replication in vitro. These drugs are toxic to various tissues including heart, skeletal muscle, liver and kidney. Our overall goals are to (1) define the molecular mechanisms of how NRTIs change the abundance of precursors for mtDNA replication in vivo (2) define the effects of active NRTI triphosphates on the mitochondrial replicon in vivo (3) define the effects of specific polymerase mutants on the replication of mtDNA in vivo and (4) define the effects of the mtDNA template itself on its replication in vivo. The approach taken employs tissue specific targeting of genes involved in the processes and evaluation of structural and functional defects that result using state of the art biochemical, molecular, physiological, and pathological approaches. Conditional, tissue specific targeting also is addressed. The direct clinical benefits of these studies are twofold (1) the toxicity of important compounds is defined so that better therapeutics can be designed and administered and (2) mechanisms of organ specific changes in HIV disease and related illnesses are elucidated.

Clinical Focus:

Cardiovascular Disease, Heart Transplantation, HIV effects on the cardiovascular system

Honors / Awards:

  • Alpha Omega Alpha

    , 2006

  • Chartered Member, Contractility Congestive heart failure SS NIH, CSR, 2003-2007
  • Clinician-Investigator Award, 2001-2004
  • Honorary, Member, Italian Society, 2000
  • Award of Merit, Society for Cardiology, 1995
  • Mentor, Commonwealth Fund Scho, 1989-1990
  • Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine, 1984-1985
  • Sigma XI

    , 1984

  • Recipient, Clinical Investigation, 1982-1987

Specialty Boards:

  • Diplomate Anatomic and Clinical Pathology

Selected/Most Recent Publications:

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Published and Accepted Research Articles -

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Book Chapters -

  • Lewis, William, Dialogues in Cardiovascular Medicine; Vol. 12. No 1, 2007 "How does HIV/AIDS cause cardiomyopathy?" p. 27-36; (2007).
  • Lewis, William and Currie, Peter, F: "HIV/AIDS and the Cardiovascular System" in Hurst's: The Heart, Chapter 92 pp2118-2131.
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