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Carlos Sanchez Moreno, PhD

Cancer Biology

Associate Professor
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Other Appointments/Positions

  • Member, Center for Comprehensive Informatics
  • Member, Winship Cancer Institute
  • Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Informatics
  • Scientific Director, Cancer Genomics Shared Resource
  • Lead Investigator for Genomic Analysis, In Silico Brain Tumor Research Center

Pathology Division(s):
Experimental Pathology
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B.S.   Aeronautics and Astronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1982 - 1986
M.S.   Aeronautics and Astronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1986 - 1988
Ph.D.   Genetics and Molecular Biology, Emory University, 1992 - 1998

Research Interests:

- Bioinformatics tools for identification of important cis-regulatory DNA elements My laboratory is using DNA microarrays to identify novel targets for cancer therapies and developing bioinformatics tools to integrate microarray and genomic data to enable identification of important cis-regulatory DNA elements. We are analyzing expression patterns from both in vitro and in vivo mouse models to attempt to understand the changes in gene expression that are essential for tumor formation. Our analyses of human prostate carcinomas have identified developmental transcription factors that are highly correlated with Gleason score (or tumor grade) and may confer a stem-cell like phenotype to prostate cancer cells. We are focusing on identifying the downstream targets of these transcription factors, the developmental pathways that they are affecting, and why these factors are overexpressed in cancers. We are also investigating their potential as therapeutic targets using in vivo small-interfering RNA (siRNA) approaches. Finally, we are using our bioinformatics tools to analyze the regulatory elements of all human genes with the ultimate goal of building comprehensive models of gene networks in mammalian cells and understanding how those networks are disrupted in cancers.

Honors / Awards:

  • DOD CDMRP Prostate Cancer IDEA Development Award, 2010-2012
  • NIH 2R01 CA106826 - Developmental Transcription Factors in Prostate Cancer, 2009-2014
  • ASIP Cotran Established Investigator Award, 2009
  • K22 Career Transition Award, 2002 - 2005
  • NIH Minority Supplement for Postdoctoral Training (MIPT), 1998 - 2001
  • NRSA F31 Predoctoral Fellowship for Minority Students, 1993 - 1998

Selected/Most Recent Publications:

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Published and Accepted Research Articles -

  • 2011. Q Long, BA Johnson, AO Osunkoya, Y-H Lai, W Zhou, M Abramovitz, M Xia, M Bouzyk, R Nam, L Sugar, A Stanimirovic, BR Leyland-Jones, AK Seth, JA Petros, CS Moreno, Protein-coding and MicroRNA Biomarkers of Recurrence of Prostate Cancer Following Radical Prostatectomy, American Journal of Pathology, 179(1):46-54.
  • 2011. L Qi, AC Bellail, MR Rossi, Z Zhang, H Pang, S Hunter, C Cohen, CS Moreno, JJ Olson, S Li, C Hao, Heterogeneity of primary glioblastoma cells in the expression of caspase-8 and the response to TRAIL-induced apoptosis. Apoptosis, August 30, Epub ahead of print.
  • 2011. A Gordanpour, A Stanimirovic, RK Nam, CS Moreno, C Sherman, L Sugar, and A Seth, miR-221 is Down-regulated in TMPRSS2:ERG Fusion-positive Prostate Cancer, Anticancer Research, 31(2):403-10.
  • 2010. MW Coolen, C Stirzaker, JZ Song, AL Statham, Z Kassir, CS Moreno, AN Young, V Varma, TP Speed, M Cowley, P Lacaze, W Kaplan, MD Robinson, and SJ Clark. Consolidation of the cancer genome into domains of repressive chromatin by long range epigenetic silencing (LRES), Nature Cell Biology, 12(3):235-46.
  • 2010. CS Moreno, The SOX4 and HOXC6 Transcriptional Networks in Prostate Cancer Progression: Crosstalk with the Wnt, Notch, and PI3K Pathways, American Journal of Pathology, 176(2):518-27.
  • 2010. BG Barwick, M Abramovitz, M Bouzyk, M Ordanic-Kodani, CS Moreno, R Nam, W Tang, A Seth, BR Leyland-Jones, Prostate cancer genes associated with TMPRSS2-ERG gene fusion and prognostic of biochemical recurrence in multiple cohorts, British Journal of Cancer, 102(3):570-6.
  • 2010. LA Cooper, J Kong, DA Gutman , F Wang, SR Cholleti, TC Pan, PM Widener, A Sharma, T Mikkelsen, AE Flanders, DL Rubin, EG Van Meir, TM Kurc, CS Moreno, DJ Brat, JH Saltz, An Integrative Approach For In Silico Glioma Research, IEEE Trans Biomed Eng. Oct;57(10):2617-21.
  • 2010. LA Cooper, DA Gutman, Q Long, BA Johnson, SR Cholleti, T Kurc, JH Saltz, DJ Brat, CS Moreno, The Proneural Molecular Signature is Enriched in Oligodendrogliomas and Predicts Improved Survival among Diffuse Gliomas, PLoS One, Sep 3;5(9). pii: e12548.
  • 2009. CD Scharer, CD McCabe, M Ali-Seyed, MF Berger, ML Bulyk, and CS Moreno. Genome-wide Promoter Analysis of the SOX4 Transcriptional Network in Prostate Cancer Cells. Cancer Research, 69(2):709-717.
  • 2009. T Narita, S Yin, CF Gelin, CS Moreno, KC Nicolaou, and EG Van Meir. Identification of a novel small molecule HIF-1± translation inhibitor, Clinical Cancer Research, 15(19):6128-36.
  • 2008. M. Abramovitz, M. Ordanic-Kodani, Y. Wang, Z. Li, C. Catzavelos, M. Bouzyk, G. W. Sledge Jr, C.S. Moreno*, and B. Leyland-Jones. Optimization of RNA extraction from FFPE tissues for expression profiling in the DASL assay. Biotechniques, 44:417-423. * corresponding author.
  • 2008. CO Evans, CS Moreno, X Zhan, M McCabe, PM Vertino, DM Desiderio, and NM Oyesiku. Molecular Signaling in Human Prolactin-Secreting Adenomas Identified by Gene Expression Profiling, RT-qPCR, and Proteomic Analyses, Pituitary, 11(3): 231-45.
  • 2008. JS Rao, S Karanam, CD McCabe, and CS Moreno, Genomic Promoter Analysis Predicts Functional Transcription Factor Binding, Advances in Bioinformatics, vol. 2008, Article ID 369830, doi:10.1155/2008/369830.
  • 2008. CD Scharer, N Laycock, AO Osunkoya, S Logani, JF McDonald, BB Benigno, and CS Moreno. Aurora Kinase Inhibitors Synergize with Paclitaxel to Induce Apoptosis in Ovarian Cancer Cells. Journal of Translational Medicine, 6:79.
  • 2008. CD McCabe, DD Spyropoulos, WD Martin, and CS Moreno. Genome-wide Analysis of the Homeobox C6 Transcriptional Network in Prostate Cancer, Cancer Research, 68(6):1988-96.

Other Publications -

  • 2009. CS Moreno and M Bouzyk, The Emory Biomarker Service Center, Institutional Profile, Biomarkers in Medicine, 3(5): 567-571.