Residency Research Track

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine of Emory University School of Medicine offers a Research Track for Residency Training in Anatomic Pathology (AP) or Clinical Pathology (CP)*. This track is intended for those residents who are committed to careers in academic pathology and have a strong background in biological and biomedical research. .

Required rotations in either Anatomic or Clinical Pathology will be completed and followed by up to three years of research under the supervision of the faculty of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Research areas include, but are not limited to, Immunology, Host-Microbe Interactions, Oncology, Transfusion Medicine, Neuroscience, and Infectious Disease. Descriptions of the research programs of the >25 faculty in the Division of Experimental Pathology are available at

The resident in the Research Track will be expected to identify a research mentor within the Department within the first 18 months of residency. Progress along the Research Track will be facilitated by the Residency Research Committee with the goal of ensuring the successful career development of the resident. The Research Track also provides the option of incorporating clinical subspecialty fellowship training either before or during the research years, potentially leading to Board certification in that subspecialty.

For information and questions regarding the Research Track Program, email Lynn Hansen, at

UNIVERSITY BENEFITS: Annual compensation for residents is in accordance with the compensation schedule that is in effect on July 1 of the year for which the resident is appointed and will be discussed at interview. All full-time residents receive 20 calendar days of compensation leave per year: 15 vacation; 5 professional leave to attend conferences. Full-time residents may have up to 12 days of sick leave with pay during the one-year contract period. This leave can be used for personal illness, disability, or injury, including disability due to delivery, medical, dental, or optical appointments. Family leave is also available.

Certain benefits also apply for those with a domestic partner. Departmental benefits will be discussed at time of interview. Uniform and laundry of uniforms are provided to the residents free of charge. Full-time salaried residents are provided with complete health care coverage at no cost. Family coverage on a payroll deduction is optional. Life insurance is provided at no cost to the resident. Personal disability coverage is furnished. Professional liability coverage is provided at no cost for residents who are working in Emory Affiliated Hospitals under the auspices of the training program. Parking facilities are available at no cost.

* Due to funding eligibility requirements, Research Track applicants must be US citizens or permanent US residents.

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