Residency Experience

The Emory Pathology Residency Training Program welcomes candidates from all backgrounds and lifestyles. We are a collegial and diverse group, encompassing residents from all regions of the country and from abroad. Each year the department hosts several events such as a barbeque, Holiday party, end of year banquet for all residents, fellows, and faculty to attend. Additionally, the department hosts a monthly “liver rounds” on Friday afternoons to ease the faculty and residents into the weekend. These events promote the collegial atmosphere that Emory enjoys between the resident and faculty.

Resident Q&A: Catherine Roe, MD

Why did you choose Emory Pathology?

My impression of Emory Pathology developed early in my educational experience because my mentor of about ten years trained here. She is brilliant, sharp, professional, and well-liked by those in other specialties in my hometown hospital. I see her as a model of the kind of pathologist I want to be, and I have been interested in Emory since we met because I knew it was the program that molded her.

My personal experience with Emory was shaped by an away rotation as a fourth year medical student, and I knew I wanted to be here from day one. I can’t imagine having a better experience on an away rotation. I saw how the residents interacted with each other, teaching and helping whenever they could as teammates. I loved the teaching and guidance I saw from the brilliant faculty. It was also important to me to choose a program that would challenge me and allow me to take ownership of writing reports with graduated responsibility. The program had/has everything I wanted. I truly felt at home, and I knew there was nowhere else I’d rather be to learn to do what I love.

What have you enjoyed the most about the Emory Pathology residency?

I enjoy that I go to work every day with my friends. These are friendships we’ll carry into our careers, and I love that my colleagues are people with whom I genuinely enjoy working. I also love that I get to learn from attendings who are excellent and available to teach. I’ve never hesitated to show a specimen when I have a question, and I can see such a progression in my skills and diagnostic abilities from when I began as a first year. I’ve also never imagined I would get the kind of experiences I’ve had going to conferences and presenting research. The opportunities are incredible, and faculty are accessible and open to working with residents on projects. I suppose what I enjoy the most is the fact that I’ve never been happier than I am right now.

How has Emory helped you achieve your career goals?

Primarily, I know I’m receiving excellent training. As a rising third year, my mind is on fellowship applications, and I know Emory has prepared me well to be competitive.

What have you enjoyed the most about living in Atlanta?

My dad is from Decatur, so this is a city that has always been close to my heart. I pass the street where he grew up every day driving to work. I love that my parents visit and have a place to stay now when we used to have to book hotel rooms to see shows at the Fox and go to Braves games. I’m from a small town in South Georgia, so I’m constantly amazed at how much there is to do here from festivals to sporting events. I also get to attend Passion City Church which produces the music I love hearing on the radio, and I’ve found community there as well. There is much to love about Atlanta.

A few of the residents - Annual Photo Day!