Rotations - Overview

First Year

Combined training in anatomic pathology and clinical pathology (AP/CP) at Emory consists of an integrated schedule of predominantly core rotations in the first year of training. Eight months of Anatomic Pathology and Four months of Clinical Pathology are undertaken during the first year.

Anatomic Pathology:
   · 4 months EUH Surgical Pathology (generally in 2 month blocks)
   · 1 month Autopsy
   · 1 month general surgical pathology/autopsy at Grady Memorial Hospital
   · 2 months “other” AP rotations (ex. Cytology, Pediatric Pathology, Forensics)

Clinical Pathology:
   ·2 consecutive months of Microbiology at EUH
   ·2 months of Clinical Chemistry

Second Year

In the Second year of training, more Clinical Pathology is undertaken with two three-month blocks (one of Hematopathology, and one of Transfusion Medicine). Depending on the resident, the second year schedule consists of between 4-6 months AP and 6-8 months CP.

Anatomic Pathology:
   ·2 months EUH Surgical Pathology
   ·1 month Autopsy
   ·1 month Anatomic Pathology at the Atlanta VA Medical Center
   ·0-2 months “other” AP rotations (ex. Cytology, Dermatopathology)

Clinical Pathology:
   ·3 consecutive months Hematopathology
   ·3 consecutive months Transfusion Medicine
   ·0-2 months “other” CP rotations (VA CP, Lab Administration, Molecular, Micro or Chem at Grady)

Example 1st and 2nd year schedule

  Year 1 Year 2
July EUH Surgical Pathology Hematopathology
September EUH Microbiology
October "other" AP or CP
November Grady AP EUH Surgical Pathology
December Autopsy VAMC AP
January EUH Surgical Pathology Transfusion Medicine
March EUH Clinical Chemistry
April Autopsy
May "other" AP EUH Surgical Pathology
June "other" AP "other" AP or CP

Third and Fourth Year

AP/CP training in the 3rd and 4th years of residency integrates an increasing proportion of rotations in subspecialty fields of anatomic and clinical pathology. Core rotations during these years are also notable for increased resident responsibility to prepare residents for fellowship and careers.

A list of rotations is provided below:




EUH Surgical Pathology Transfusion Medicine / Coagulation
Autopsy Clinical Chemistry
Cytopathology Medical Microbiology
Atlanta VA Medical Center General AP Hematopathology
EUH Midtown General AP  
Forensic Pathology at FCME  
Grady General AP  


Soft Tissue Pathology Molecular Diagnostics
Dermatopathology Laboratory Administration
Head & Neck Pathology Atlanta VAMC General CP
Neuropathology Informatics
Gastrointestinal Pathology Flow Cytometry
Pediatric Pathology at CHOA - Egleston HLA Laboratory
Pulmonary Pathology  
Renal Pathology  
AP Infectious Disease at the CDC