Teaching and Conferences

General Weekly Schedule

Morning Conferences

Monday Thursday
AP Didactic and
Unknowns *
CP Didactic and
Pathobiology *

* Morning conferences on these days generally meet from 7:30-8:30 and 8:30-9:30 with breakfast provided. Gross & Autopsy conference, as well as periodic review sessions, also take place periodically in these time slots.

Noon Conferences

A weekly CP noon conference on Wednesdays is attended by CP faculty and residents that are on CP rotations. Additionally, AP and CP journal clubs meet once per month on Fridays. Most conferences are available via teleconference apps when residents are rotating off site. Food is generally provided at conferences.

Unknowns Conference

Unknowns conference is the backbone of the resident educational conferences. Held each week, this faculty run conference gives the resident a series of cases highlighting difficult diagnostic areas or problematic cases. The cases illustrate diagnostic decision making, work-up, and management issues. Unknowns cases are digitally stored for convenient review.


Pathobiology is a weekly conference in which high impact scientific research is presented to the department. Presenters include residents, fellows, and faculty. Topics are broad, but generally concern mechanisms of disease pathogenesis or applied basic research relevant to diagnosis or treatment.

CP Noon

Residents on CP rotations will attend this noon conference where the CP resident on call presents the interesting or problematic cases that arose over the call week. Additionally, a Faculty member presents a topic as well as other CP residents who present interesting cases or topics.

Journal Clubs

AP and CP journal clubs each meet once a month; they are attended by both faculty and residents.

Pathology Faculty Grand Rounds

Our Department regularly hosts distinguished speakers from outside institutions. Most of these renowned pathologists choose to give slide sessions for our residents.

Other Conferences

Many rotations have specific educational conferences for residents on that service. Upper level residents prepare cases for and participate in multidisciplinary tumor boards with faculty supervision.

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